Well i'm back on my course schedule , this Oct see's me doing my Amateur Radio Technician class as my course book arrived today as i slept ..... wonders i f i can have W2ASTRO for a callsign ::giggles:::: Come Spring i want to go to Hudson Valley CC and do Intro to astronomy . ( See link below for Astro course details)
Its a 3 credit course that i can use to get in to other places like UTenn etc.
I also got a slightly better Moon map and the 20ft USB cable for my Imager arrived too, just waiting on the scope now !


Moon Watching

Last night i took the 20x80 Bino's out and tried to image the moon with my digital ( it was a flat bust as too much light was hitting the CCD). So with my daughter we decided to look at the moon which was a nice 1st Quarter which she enjoyed and wanted to know when the scope was arriving !