This is one of the reasons I want a Dashcam .and a all sky weather cam ....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1P5MJue1DWk  

SKYWARN Recognition Day

 So It's SKYWARN Recognition Day (In the US anyway )and my first station worked was WX1BOX Taunton, MA.,followed by KC0YKX N0F NWS Sioux Falls South Dakota,WX4NC NWS Raleigh, NC, WX2PHI NWS Mt. Holly, NJ,WX8APX NWS Gaylord, MI., WX7SLC NWS Salt Lake City asked to work me direct, ( it's fun to be able to say your in Skywarn US & UK ! and give your local weather report from your own PWS!!)WX6MTR Monterey, CA., KØMPX Minneapolis St Paul, MN., WX4MLB NWS Melbourne, FL., and finally worked WX4NHC Miami, FL as both KC2VWR & 2E0LUN as my last NWS station of the night! In total I worked 10 NWS stations not bad for my first time looking fwd to getting a Certificate for the Wall!
With  my scope packed and Slooh socked in with clouds I ended up working one more NWS office to make it 11 NWS offices in the end as I added WX6NWS Sacramento, CA in the dying minutes of #‎SkywarnRecognationDay, while waiting for the VOIP Hurricane net to start, so I have earned the Cumulonimbus Certificate Not bad for my first year doing this ,even mentioned #‎StormDesmond‬  and the #metoffice during my overs

‪#‎SkywarnRecognationDay‬ ‪#‎SKYWARN15‬


My challenges for next year :) 
 Get my US  General/Extra Upgrade done and maybe a Canadian Callsign too?
 Take part  in the Isabel Williamson Lunar Observing Program.
 Get CometWatch back on the air and do more of the Event^Horizon.
 Visit York University Observatory​.
 Take part in the VoIP Hurricane Net​  and the Hurricane Watch Net​ and  cook more from scratch !
 and join the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. I'm still a member of ALPO  just can't decide if I should join The Astronomical Society of the Pacific or The American Astronomical Society!


Just getting ready to record Comet Watch Episode 2 with Neil Norman and Guests Terry Lovejoy and Nick Howes