Observing Session.......and Observatory Upgrade News

Just observed Venus to the SW of me with my 20x 80 Zhumell's, then as its  International  Moonwatch tonight, got a nice view of the waxing gibbous moon , the terminator highlighting Plato nicely, The moon was framed by Cirrocumulus. The  Observatory here  now has a WS1080 weather station coming so there will be  real-time weather here too  


Megan Argo on The Event Horizon

Well last night i got to interview  Megan Argo of the Jodcast  live on The Event Horzion  The topics included her work at Jodrell Bank, Music  and how to get started in Radio  Astronomy ...... Links from last night

High velocity resolution observations of OH main line masers in the M82 starburst

MERLIN monitoring of recent core-collapse supernovae

Discovery of an unusual new radio source in the star-forming galaxy M82: Faint supernova, supermassive
blackhole, or an extra-galactic microquasar?


The European Radio Astronomy Club


Radio Obs of Hanny's Voorwerp

The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA)


Imaging Course !

Well after enjoying the Black Hole course  i've decided after watching the BAA dvds of Developments in Amateur Astronomy Past, Present and Future with Sir Patrick Moore FRS  and listening  to the Martin Mobbersley  talk on  imaging it seems Damian Peach has a Imaging course on DVD which covers how to set up your scope and CCD as well as processing and when the best time to image is so watch this space ........



Well I'm 3 lectures in to Black Holes Explained , taught by Prof Alex Filippenko,  Its fun !


*New Horizons*

Well i know it been a while since i was here  but there have been some new things  going on  one of which has been me joining  Marty Kunz and Dr Marleen on  AFM Radio shows and doing a Lunar Skylog and  of course aquiring a power tank for my Telescope. I  also  got my Technicians Amateur Radio license, I'm now KC2VWR, I also  rejoined the BAA and its Comet and Lunar Sections so fun times ahead ..... I have  to admit  this is still my favorite astronomical music video from last year...... The Jupiter Impact of 2009, by Kelly Fast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie_eiv4zzxk