Jovian transit by Ganymede & Europa, Io occulted

Here are my images from last night via Mt Tiede in the Canarys. Last night saw the Transit of Jupiter By Ganymede & Europa and the occultation of Io, Here is the sequence of Events and images.....

2009. 08.19 19:10:02 You can clearly see Ganymede's disk and its shadow above the GRS

19:55:27 You can see Europa as a white spot on the left edge of the disk

20:13:58 Ganymede & Europe Transiting and Io about to be occulted

21:24:44 Ganymede and Europa in transit, Io occulted

( i know the image got flipped )


22:09:52 I was Tweeting the Images and got this ksastro @NickE070812 Do you mind if we post your pics on AstroTwitter? http://astrotwitter.wordpress.com/ with proper credits of course!( Made sure Slooh gets credited too! since i did use their equipment for these images)


and Europa on the edge of the disk,

All times here are in EDT....

Last night was fun and we are looking forward to many more night like this !

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